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108 Names of Goddess Durga Ashtottara Shatanaamavali

108 Slokas or Names of Goddess Durga* ,mantra in hindi and english language,Pdf, text, doc,MS Word.one hundred eight naamavali download

Goddess Durga Ashtottara Shatanaamavali

Maa Durga is the Mother Goddess, as well as the slayer of evils at the same time. Durga Maa is a form of Adi Shakti, the supremely radiant Goddess. In Sanskrit Durga means “One who is incomprehensible or difficult to reach”. Goddess Durga represents the supreme power and is worshiped in various forms including Parvati, Bhairavi, Vaishnavi, Kali, Jagatmata, Mahishasurmardhini, Gauri, Chandi and Uma.

all of Devotee are read and know about 108 Names of Devi Maa. let's read and get full information and Details of 108 names of Maa Durga in form of 108 Mantras to please 108 form of Maa Adi Shakti. These are very easy to recite like any mantra. Maa Durga is worshiped in many different forms, there are more than millions of names and forms of Maa Durga.These are given below:-

  1. Om Drugayai namaha
  2. Om Shivayai namaha
  3. Om Mahalakshmyai namaha
  4. Om Mahagouryai namaha
  5. Om Chandikaye namaha
  6. Om Sarvagynayai namaha
  7. Om Sarvalokeshayai namaha
  8. Om Sarva karmaphalapradayai namaha
  9. Om Sarva teerdhamayai namaha
  10. Om Punyayai namaha
  11. Om Devayonaye namaha
  12. Om Ayonijaayai namaha
  13. Om Bhumejaayai namaha
  14. Om Nirgunayai namaha
  15. Om Aadharashaktyai namaha
  16. Om Aaneeshvaryai namaha
  17. Om Nirgunayai namaha
  18. Om Niramhamkarayai namaha
  19. Om Sarvagarvavimardhinyai namaha
  20. Om Sarvalokapriyayai namaha
  21. Om Vaanyai namaha
  22. Om Sarvavidyadhidevataayai namaha
  23. Om Parvatyai namaha
  24. Om Devamatre namaha
  25. Om Vaneeshayai namaha
  26. Om Vindyavasinyai namaha
  27. Om Tejovatyai namaha
  28. Om Mahamatre namaha
  29. Om Kotisuryasamaprabhayai namaha
  30. Om Devatayai namaha
  31. Om Vahnirupayai namaha
  32. Om Satejase namaha
  33. Om Varnarupinyai namaha
  34. Om Gunashayayai namaha
  35. Om Gunamadhyayai namaha
  36. Om Gunatrayavivarjitayai namaha
  37. Om Karmagynanapradayai namaha
  38. Om Kantayai namaha
  39. Om Sarvasamharakarinyai namaha
  40. Om Dharmagynanayai namaha
  41. Om Dharmanistayai namaha
  42. Om Sarvakarmavivardhitayai namaha
  43. Om Kamakshmai namaha
  44. Om Kamasamhartyai namaha
  45. Om Kamakrodhavivarjitayai namaha
  46. Om Shankaryai namaha
  47. Om Shambhavyai namaha
  48. Om Shantayai namaha
  49. Om Chandrasuryagnilochanayai namaha
  50. Om Sujayayai namaha
  51. Om Jayabhumishtayai namaha
  52. Om Jaahnavyai namaha
  53. Om Janapujitayai namaha
  54. Om Shastrasyai namaha
  55. Om Shastramayyai namaha
  56. Om Nityayai namaha
  57. Om Shubhayai namaha
  58. Om Chandhrardhamastakayai namaha
  59. Om Bharatyai namaha
  60. Om Bramaryai namaha
  61. Om Kalpayai namaha
  62. Om Karalyai namaha
  63. Om Krushanapingalayai namaha
  64. Om Bramhai namaha
  65. Om Narayanyai namaha
  66. Om Roudryai namaha
  67. Om Chandramrutaparisrutayai namaha
  68. Om Jyeshtayai namaha
  69. Om Indirayai namaha
  70. Om Mahamayayai namaha
  71. Om Jagatgrushtyadhikarinyai namaha
  72. Om Bramhandakotisamsdhanayai namaha
  73. Om Kaminyai namaha
  74. Om Kamalaalayayai namaha
  75. Om katyayanyai namaha
  76. Om Kalaateetayai namaha
  77. Om Kalasamharakarinyai namaha
  78. Om Yoganishtayai namaha
  79. Om Yogigamyayai namaha
  80. Om Yogidyeyayai namaha
  81. Om Tapasvinyai namaha
  82. Om Gynanapupayai namaha
  83. Om Nirakarayai namaha
  84. Om Bhaktabhishtaphalapradayai namaha
  85. Om Bhutatmekayai namaha
  86. Om Bhutamatre namaha
  87. Om Bhuteshyai namaha
  88. Om Bhutadarinyai namaha
  89. Om Svadhayai namaha
  90. Om Nareemadhyagatayai namaha
  91. Om Shadadharadivardhinyai namaha
  92. Om Mohitamshubhadayai namaha
  93. Om Shubhrayai namaha
  94. Om Sukshmayai namaha
  95. Om Matrayai namaha
  96. Om Niralasayai namaha
  97. Om Nimnagayai namaha
  98. Om Neelasamkashayai namaha
  99. Om Nityanandayai namaha
  100. Om Harayai namaha
  101. Om Paraayai namaha
  102. Om Sarvagynanapradayai namaha
  103. Om Anamtayai namaha
  104. Om Satyayai namaha
  105. Om Durlabharupinyai namaha
  106. Om Sarasvatyai namaha
  107. Om Sarvagatayai namaha
  108. Om Sarvabheeshtapradainyai namaha

Iti Shree Durga Ashtottara Shatanamavali Samaptam


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